Ali Jafarian

Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. Software Engineer. Traveler. Life-long Learner.

Hello! My name is Ali and I live in Denver, Colorado with my lovely wife (Gabrielle), our two beautiful children (Everest and Sepia), and our 2 awesome dogs (Raja and Rudy). I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career mastering web design and development while building online businesses. I’ve had the opportunity to work for a handful of small and large companies in varying roles, solving a wide range of problems. Now I focus on being a family man, growing my own businesses, and writing tutorials to share what I’ve learned @

When I’m not changing diapers or in front of a computer I enjoy traveling, fitness, hiking, cooking, and new experiences in general! I love to learn, and I strongly believe that we [as humans] are meant to do much more than live the mundane lifestyle that most of us fall into – work, tv, sports, etc. So get out there and do/create/experience something!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi


Family comes first for me. I have two young children who are my current purpose. They are the most challenging [and rewarding] part of my life. I cherish every day I get to spend watching them grow and raising them with my wife.


I’m currently the CEO of two software companies – MemberDev and CM Fusion.

MemberDev Logo

MemberDev is a PAAS (platform-as-a-service) agency offering design and development services for custom membership platforms. We build membership websites, mobile apps, and other subscription model properties. Our customers include starts-ups, entrepreneurs, and other early stage businesses.

CM Fusion Logo

CM Fusion is a SAAS (software-as-a-service) company offering cloud-based construction management software. We build online software for general contractors and service-based businesses.


I spent the first decade of my career consulting and freelancing through my digital agency – Creatency. This included everything from UX design to full-stack web development. I rarely take on consulting work these days… but every now and then I’ll entertain a project if it inspires me.


I studied architecture at the University of Missouri – Columbia, where I learned basic design principles and developed a passion for building things. I then applied those learned principles to become a web designer early in my career. Through the interweb and the opportunity to work with great developers, I picked up front-end web development and gradually progressed into a full-stack software engineer.

All that said, most of my learnings and growth in business are not from college. In fact, I think academia is a bad idea for 90% of people.

College is great if you want to become a physician, lawyer, mechanical engineer, or anything else that requires a governed certification. However, it is NOT great for business, and virtually anything else you can learn online. The power of the internet offers much better learning opportunity for most people, from both a financial and flexibility perspective.

What I’m currently into:

  • Being a father :)
  • Working with Start-ups!
  • Teaching my Craft
  • Personal Growth & Development