Ali Jafarian
Ali Jafarian

Most people create New Year’s Resolutions to “fix” some bad habit in their life. For me, 2017 is an opportunity to do something new and exciting. I’m ready to teach my craft (web design).


For starters, I see teaching as one of the most powerful human connections we have. Being able to teach someone something new is an awesome thing, especially if it adds value to their life. I’ve spent the last decade consulting and helping other businesses make money… whereas now I’d like to help people, by enabling them to learn a new skill.

In addition, I want to pay it back. I learned web design in my parents basement 10 years ago… which wouldn’t have been possible without the web and online resources. So now I have the opportunity to create my own courses and resources to help teach the next generation of web designers.

This is a passion project.


I’m building a new learning platform – – that gives members access to 3 initial courses:

  • Web Design for Beginners
  • UI Foundations
  • Advanced UX Design

These courses will package up a lot of what I’ve learned [and accomplished] during my career. They will teach people how to build websites, how to write great front-end code, and how to think like a user experience engineer.

The mission is to enable anyone to become a web designer.


I’ve decided to use KickStarter as a funding platform for the project. In other words, KickStarter allows me to decide whether or not this is something worth pursuing. If the KickStarter project gets funded I’ll build the site and courses within a couple months (just like a normal client project). If it doesn’t, then I didn’t waste time on something people don’t want.

I want to emphasize that this project is not about making money. The 10k KickStarter goal is literally paying for me to focus on this as if it were just another project. If it was about money, I’d be asking for 100k 🙂

Check it Out

You can learn more by visiting or the KickStarter Campaign – both will explain the project in detail.


Ali Jafarian

Ali is the creator of this site. He is a father, husband, serial entrepreneur, software engineer and last but not least - a relentless life learner. He adds Siracha to 90% of the food he consumes.

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