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Front Row Dads Retreat to Silverthorne, Colorado

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of spending 3 days in Silverthorne, Colorado with 12 other amazing fathers. Here’s the recap – This event was a Front Row…

Mindset Through a Miscarriage

Two weeks ago my wife and I received the news. Child #3 was not going to happen after all. Or at least, not yet. This is the stuff that men…

Why I Choose To Eat Mostly Plants

I’m excited to share this second audio post around my decision to choose a heavy plant-based diet! This topic has gotten more attention as of late, and for good reason….

What’s Your Relationship with Your Phone?

Can you answer this question? Have you even considered it? This is a recurring topic that’s been plaguing my conscious for the last couple years… so I figured it was…

Your Children Are Watching

Ever heard the phrase, “Kids are like sponges?” Well… it’s true, and a lot more than you think. To start, let me explain why I think this topic is important….

COVID as a Message from Mother Earth

My wife shared a post with me recently around COVID’s affect on humans vs its affect on the Earth. To summarize what she shared with me – COVID has thrown…

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