Ali Jafarian


Evolve as a more Conscious Leader

Are you stuck or currently challenged with life's competing priorities? Is your small business stalled? Do you question WHY being an entrepreneur is worth it?

If you answered YES to those questions, I understand you.

In fact, I've been exactly where you're at. I've felt the pain and anxiety of being stuck. I've felt the burden of existing as a father, husband, entrepreneur, leader, and all the other labels that society expects of us high achievers.

I've started and sold businesses. I've closed 6-figure deals. I've developed products and ecommerce sites that generate millions of dollars per year. I've made the money, achieved the freedom, and yet still found a way to feel empty inside...

And that's precisely why I started coaching. I felt called to share wisdom and learnings from my failures.

I coach small business entrepreneurs who want to truly design their lifestyle.

I can help you feel unstuck, become a more conscious leader in your home and business, and ultimately create a business you actually want. I can help you answer the hard questions that most people never ask.

Here's a summary of my coaching:
  • One-on-one coaching with you and your business partner(s)
  • Investment in your personal growth as a leader
  • Investment in your business/team growth

To be clear, this will be comprehensive coaching for both you (the leader) and your business (the entity).  We will tackle challenges and measure progress in both realms.  I will cater the coaching to your specific needs, but the growth will come holistically.

My typical client is generally:
  • A small business owner in the technology space.
  • A leader seeking a growth mindset.
  • A parent* who wants to prioritize their family.

*Is this exclusive to parents? No, but parents have different constraints and challenges, which I've navigated. I coach people without children as well :)

If this sounds like a fit, I welcome you to apply.

Apply Now

You should apply if:

  • You're currently overwhelmed by stress, fear and anxiety, or at least feel them on a regular basis.
  • You're lacking confidence in your ability to lead and grow your business.
  • You've struggled to gain more time and peace in your life.
You should NOT apply if:

  • You haven't started asking WHY to life's questions on some level.
  • You're close minded or already have all of the answers.
  • You've never failed at anything.