Ali Jafarian

Hi, my name is Ali.

I'm a husband, father, technologist and life long learner, among many other things (see below). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

You're probably going to ask, "What do you do?" So here's the answer:

  • I raise two awesome children named Everest and Sepia.
  • I support my amazing wife, Gabrielle, and look for ways to strengthen our relationship.
  • I pursue an active lifestyle that includes high discipline around daily health and fitness.
  • I read/listen daily and constantly push myself to learn something new.
  • I embrace nature and look for ways it can continually inspire me.
  • I eat mostly plants.
  • I love to travel and witness new cultural experiences.
  • I hate wasting shit.
  • Oh... and I also happen to run a few businesses in the technology space. Learn more

My Squad

My current focus and purpose is raising my two children, Everest and Sepia, with the help of my wife, Gabrielle.

Let me introduce you to the team!

Gabrielle Jafarian
Gabrielle Jafarian

Gabrielle is the rock of the Jafarian household. She maintains everything from impeccable countertops to a zero waste family mentality. She loves buffalo wing sauce.

Everest Jafarian
Everest Jafarian

Everest is the fireball of the family. He has the unique ability to unleash massive amounts of energy at a moment's notice. He loves superheroes.

Sepia Jafarian
Sepia Jafarian

Sepia's first word was, "No." She has since developed an appreciation for saying yes to things in moderation. She loves shoes.