So you wanna talk about business?

First and foremost, business is a game. We're all playing it in different markets, at different levels, with different people. Once you understand this everything else becomes easier. Props to Naval Ravikant for stating this so eloquently and helping me realize it.

Professionally, I'm a self-taught software engineer and serial entrepreneur. I've spent the last 13 years building web products for start-ups, Fortune 500's, and everyone in between. I currently run a few software businesses of my own that afford me financial freedom and the lifestyle of my choice.

I use this website to share things I've learned over the years during my experiences and failures. I think that's the part I would share with a beginning entrepreneur - you have to fail to learn anything meaningful in business.

All that said, I still know nothing. So take my business advice with a grain of salt :)

Business Philosophy

"My philosophy on business changes with each decade. What I want [now] is very different from what I wanted years ago, or what I imagine I'll want years from now.

Ultimately, my work will support my lifestyle design."

My current business priorities


MemberDev is a platform for building custom membership / community platforms. We serve coaches, educators and thought leaders.

Coach & Consultant

Creatency is my private firm for coaching and software development consulting. We take on selective clients and projects that inspire us.

Partner / Platform CTO

Credo is an online marketplace for digital marketing needs. We help businesses find top digital marketing talent for their next project or ongoing growth initiatives.

My Career Story

Back in 2007 I started my own journey learning web design in my parents basement... yep, right after I dropped out of my last semester of college. I spent hours in front of my old Dell computer learning web design and anything else I could get my hands on. My younger brother still thinks I was "playing on the computer" to this day.

I soon started picking up clients who needed small websites. So I built them websites in exchange for money and slowly built up a portfolio. A couple years later I got my first job as a web developer, and then worked for several other companies in a variety of roles as I grew my career.

It was fun and I learned a lot, but I'm an entrepreneur at heart and always will be. Every full-time job I've had has always left me longing for more. So... I officially stopped working for the man back in 2013. Today I own and lead a few of my own businesses. They afford me financial freedom - being able to live the lifestyle of my choice. Now I use some of that freedom to share what I've learned as I continue my journey.

Today I spend most of my time growing businesses which involves a lot of systems, processes and building teams. I also do some coaching with early stage entrepreneurs looking to grow their ecommerce businesses.

And so, without the web and online tutorials I wouldn't be where I am today. It's time for me to pay it back, Jack. I hope you enjoy the content.

Leaders who have inspired me:
  • Elon Musk
  • Jason Fried
  • Noah Kagan
  • Nathan Barry
  • James Clear
  • Jon Vroman
  • Philip McKernan
  • Naval Ravikant
A few business insights:
  • 1 Look for work that inspires you. Otherwise, it will always be a "job."
  • 2 Surround yourself with people that make life richer, which has nothing to do with money.
  • 3 Consistency and extraordinary effort will always pay off.
  • 4 Look for ways to give and things will eventually be given to you.
  • 5 The relationships and experiences in your life are what create true value, not material things.