The Pursuit of Something Podcast

The Pursuit of Something is not your typical podcast.  There’s no theme or simple focal point, but rather an attempt to pursue what’s currently in focus.  It’s a podcast for people with questions.  We go deep on a wide range of topics with the intent to analyze and break down the human experience.

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Ali Jafarian
Ali Jafarian

Ali is a father, husband and serial entrepreneur with a deep drive to create. He started this podcast to amplify his curiosity of the world through meaningful discussions with interesting people.

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Understanding the Media with Scott Groves

This is a great episode with my friend and fellow FRD, Scott Groves. We discuss a variety of pursuits including identity, team building, the psychology of real estate / inflation,…

New Year, New Commitments

Happy 2022 to everyone! This is a quick solo episode around creating new commitments for the new year. I share my process around vision, goals and commitments to set 2022…

Experiencing Simplification with Eric Turnnessen

This is an awesome episode where Eric shares his unique and simplified approach to experiencing life. We uncover how this relates to business, hobbies, meditation and starting new things. Eric…

The Freedom of Choice

This is a solo recording with me where I break down the concept of freedom. We talk about freedom of attachments, freedom of mind, and ultimately, freedom of choice.

Pursuing the Next Level of Life with John Doherty

This is the first official episode with my great friend and business partner, John Doherty. We dig into a range of topics that relate to leveling up and striving for…

The Pursuit of Something Intro

Quick intro for my new podcast – The Pursuit of Something. This episode provides my quick background plus an overview of my intentions for the show.

The Pursuit of Something Podcast
About this Podcast

We're all pursuing something...

The Pursuit of Something is about exactly what it implies - pursuing something.  What that something is will be determined as we go.  From family life and social dynamics to psychology and entrepreneurship, this is a podcast about the total human experience.  I’m glad you’re here and I hope you enjoy the content.