Ali Jafarian
Ali Jafarian

2021 was an amazing year as a Front Row Dad.  Our community continues to grow and evolve in new ways.

As we we start the year I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some authentic words about our brotherhood.  It is a truly unique and special community.  It’a also another chance for me to brag about the social group that’s changed my life 🙂.

This is summarized in three things for me (PCI):

  1. Pillars
  2. Connection
  3. Impact

1) Pillars

Let’s start with the pillars our community honors.  These are the foundational areas of life that we’re constantly trying to optimize and measure ourselves against.

The 6 Front Row Dad Pillars:

  • Intentional Parenting
  • Thriving Marriage
  • Vibrant Health
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Evolution
  • Wealth & Legacy

FRD Pillars

As you can imagine, this is a pretty comprehensive mix of life dynamics.  We shift focus on different pillars every 2 months with online summits, training calls and private Telegram threads (messaging app).  However, we’re always aware and reflecting on all 6 pillars throughout the year.

Progression / Training

Having these pillars defined has made it easier for me to achieve and measure progress in each area.  Before FRD I would tell people I was working on “personal growth.”  Now I’m quite specific on what aspect of life I’m working on or investing into, which usually reflects different pillars.

Furthermore, FRD hosts online training calls and summits to really work on these pillars.  We’ve had some awesome guest speakers and members share their knowledge and experiences during these trainings.  This is the type of insight you would normally have to pay a lot of money for via traditional masterminds or events.  However, we’re fortunate to get access to this training as part of our FRD membership.

Front Row Dads Online Summit
Jim Dethmer from The Conscious Leadership Group speaking at our 2021 Emotional Intelligence online summit
Blindspots & Support

Having these pillars makes it easy for other members to support us and check our blindspots.  Life is always going to present challenges, especially for entrepreneurial dads.  These pillars give us common language to support and help each other.

This support comes through Zoom calls, private Facebook group discussion and Telegram threads.  There are various ways to get engaged and receive or offer support.

At the end of the day these pillars make it easy to dive right into meaningful conversation when I check in with my band and other FRD members.   Which leads into the next point.

2) Connection

Next is the type of connection created in FRD.  I’ve written about this before in my post-retreat blog posts but I’ll reiterate for any fresh readers 🙂.

The connection created in FRD is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  You get the opportunity to truly connect with other men who have a very common understanding of life’s challenges and rewards.  There is no need for the word empathy – it’s already implied if you get into the community!

Brotherhood vs Networking

I have a different appreciation for the word connection after being in FRD.  There is general connecting or networking in the professional world, and then there’s FRD connection, which we label “brotherhood.”  These are not the same thing.  They are actually nowhere close to synonymous.

We are not networking in FRD.  We are building brotherhood.

Words like authenticity, humility and vulnerability are baked into our ethos (yes, we have a “real” ethos of engagement).  We honor this ethos relentlessly.  We connect and engage with a shared mentality that’s rooted in common values.

FRD Retreat
Group convo at a smaller FRD retreat in Silverthorne, CO

You can drop into a conversation with a brother and organically feel like you’ve known them for decades.  You can feel their pain, anxiety, joy and every other emotion when they share things from the heart.  This is a community where we let our guard down and go deep quickly.


Additionally, our brotherhood is extremely diversified.  We currently have 250+ men from 13+ countries with various talents and stories.  Everyone from first time daddies with newborns to seasoned fathers with grandchildren.  Our members bring vast experience from different industries, cultures and belief systems.  And the best part… we come together so naturally.

Front Row Dads Retreat
Group pick after some pickleball at the 2021 San Antonio retreat

I’ve never been in an environment where a bunch of men show up from different backgrounds, talents, nationalities and status… yet we’re so fucking aligned.  Pardon my French, but I had to drop the F-bomb there so you understand my emphasis.


This alignment comes out naturally at our events, which are a big part of the community.  FRD offers two types of core events – In-person Retreats and Online Summits. They both offer tons of value through intentionally crafted experiences.

In-person Retreats

Retreats are 3-day events where 40+ men travel to a cool destination.  We spend time in large group settings, small group convos, and general fatherhood camaraderie.  We sweat together via sport, we laugh at all too familiar father jokes, we even cry when a story or moment touches us.  We talk about the things men [and fathers] usually don’t talk about.  We embrace the hard questions.  We hold space for different perspectives while maintaining a growth mindset.

Front Row Dads Retreat - San Antonio (2021)
Large group convo at our 2021 San Antonio retreat

Retreats are also some of the warmest events I’ve ever attended.  I was very nervous going into my first one… yet I felt right at home within minutes.  There is so much common ground between members and a natural inclination to feel welcome.

These are truly special events that allow us to connect at the deepest human level.  The agenda, environment, and overall experience is designed with intention.  Every time I come back from a FRD retreat I feel like a better version of myself.

Online Summits

Online summits are 6-hour virtual events held every 2 months.  Each summit is focused on one of our pillars and includes a variety of content.  We typically have an expert guest speaker share some wisdom.  Then we hear from a couple brothers in the group who’ve achieved growth in the pillar.  We also have multiple breakouts with different members to further analyze and share our thoughts. 

Front Row Dads Online Summit
Zoom screenshot from one of our Online Summits

Summits are a great way to level up and meet other members throughout the year.  They are the best 6-hour Zoom calls on my calendar for sure 😉!


We also have small group bands that serve as micro teams within the community.  Bands are typically 3-5 men that meet regularly and stay connected. I’m blessed to be part of a special band with 3 other men, one of which lives out here in Denver with me.  We meet virtually each month and engage like true brothers.  We’ve also been fortunate to meet in-person multiple times at FRD retreats.

My FRD band – The 80’s WWF Superstars (Matt Sprang, Me, Matt Drinkhahn and Nick Hemmert)

Overall, the connection and alignment in our community is unreal.  We are on a mission to change the world through fatherhood.  Which leads to my last point…

3) Impact

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about impact.  FRD impact is created through our retreats, online summits, monthly training calls and daily interactions.  It’s then amplified and spread in beautiful ways.  The impact created in our households is one of the core benefits of being a Front Row Dad. It starts with being leaders at home to our partners and children.

Personal Impact

The impact created in my life is a prime example.  I joined the community back in 2019 and was fortunate to attend my first retreat in October of that year.  At that retreat I absorbed tons of value, however, two things were extra impactful:

  • Personal Temperament: I learned from another brother that he doesn’t yell at his children.  He explained that his mother yelled when he was a child and it was ineffective.  This insight struck me like lightning on the spot.  I brought this home and stopped yelling in my household since that retreat and it’s changed the dynamic with my children.  My relationship with them and how I discipline is so much healthier.
  • Leadership: I also picked up a book recommendation – The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.  After reading this book I was hooked.  Shortly after I registered for some of their training and progressed further into the world of Conscious Leadership.  I’ve applied these methodologies in my home and business with profound results.  My relationships with my family and team members have transformed, and now I have new tools plus confidence to lead like never before.  It’s made such an impact on my life that I’m still being coached by one of their leaders and have begun integrating conscious leadership into my own business coaching.

These are just a couple examples, of many,  that demonstrate the impact FRD has had on my life.  It’s opened a lot of new doors and opportunities as well.

Exponential Impact

That said, we’re driven to create a larger effect.  We want to spark exponential change.    This begins with us and then evolves into a greater vision.

For example:

  • We aim to impact our immediate families with the core values we live by and promote.  This creates lasting legacy.
  • We aim to impact our friends and social circles with the way we show up in the physical and digital world.  This creates positive influence.
  • We aim to impact our businesses and teams with the things we’ve learned and continue learning.  This creates inspirational leadership.

The impact creation from FRD is what truly drives the community.  We feed off the collective progress and realized growth, and that continues to inspire us.  The community we’re building is about something greater than ourselves.

Ultimately, we’re aiming to impact generations of fathers to come.

FRD Colorado Family Meetup
FRD family meetup in Colorado – Jafarians, Richmonds and Wagners


And that about sums things up!  Front Row Dads can be considered a community, social group and mastermind all in one.  We members call it “The Brotherhood.”  Regardless of the label, it’s a unique entity unlike anything else that’s changed a lot of lives, including mine.  I’m honored and proud to be a member.


If this speaks to you in some way I would encourage you to check out the podcast – FRD Podcast.  This was my entry point into the Brotherhood and the value in those episodes will naturally call you into next steps.

Or, if this is a repeat message for you and you’re ready to feel some of the connection I described, join us at our next online summit!

I can assure you this will be a great investment in your future as a father 🙂.

Ali Jafarian

Ali is a father, husband and serial entrepreneur with a deep drive to create. He writes, records, codes and builds things to inspire the artist in all of us.

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